*cringes at 9 year old me*

*cringes at 13 year old me*

*cringes at year ago me*

*cringes at day ago me*

*cringes at future me*

*future me cringes back*

*far off future me tells them all to get off my lawn*

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Commence the whining

I’m a straight, white male and I won’t make any apologies for being so.


#GeorgeZimmerman killed a innocent #youngblackmale whom her #stalked #harassed and #murder and they say he #stoodhisground but #MarissaAlexander fired two #warningshots to stop her husband from #beating her yet she gets 20 years in #prison good ole #Florida huh… like I said before in #America if you’re a #whiteman no matter what you’re always a #man but even if you’re a #blackwoman you’re still a #nigga no matter what #whiteprivilege #whitesupremacy #blackgenocide #blackholocaust #Amerikkka #Americanmedia #Americanpropaganda #Characterassassination #Foxnews #standyourground #TrayvonMartin #freeMarissa #doublestandard #handsupdontshoot

Fun fact: Zimmerman wasn’t white. He was Hispanic.


Why do people like get married at plantations and have parties and shit? Burn them down?

No. Just no.
Even if you don’t like the fact that social gatherings are happening at them doesn’t mean they need to go away. 2 reasons for this.
1. Not all plantations were run by people who owned slaves. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.
2. Even the ones that were should be preserved. Just because there’s a dark part of history doesn’t mean it should be destroyed. You wouldn’t destroy Auschwitz would you? Of course not. It stands as a reminder to never let the atrocity that happened there ever happen again.
By destroying historical markers like these you’d erase it from memory and that’s one thing that should not be allowed to happen.


White people pissed me off on THREE occasions today with their “Why isn’t there a White History Month ? If there was one it would be offensive and rasict. How ?” Because what are you gonna celebrate ? How your great grandpa was a slave master and has come a LONG way from that… You have MOST of the year and you get mad about not having the shortest month?… Fuckoutmyface.

Well, I suppose if we did have an official month we could celebrate the accomplishments of white people and the good they’ve done in the world. Ya know, like the other cultural months?
I know I’ve never heard them mention how Africans would kidnap one another to sell in the slave trade of the 16-1700s during Black History Month. Or about the Rape of Manchuria during Asian/Pacific Islander month.
But that’s just me.

" Being in the nuclear navy is like playing Monopoly with an 8 year old. They constantly change the rules and whenever you start to near them they throw a fit."

Why do feet smell and noses run?

I'm like wtf who put boobs on my dash? Then I saw it was you and I completely understood the meaning of the universe.

Lol I do what I want!

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i both worshiped him and was absolutely terrified of him

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